Nashville Attempts Eminent Domain Against New Greyhound Terminal, Again

As part of Nashville’s Division Street Extension project, Metro is attempting to take by eminent domain a piece of the parking lot at Greyhound’s new bus terminal at Lafayette St. and 5th Ave. S.  Greyhound just isn’t having it, though, claiming that Metro can’t take the land because of a legal agreement made the last time they had to move due to eminent domain.

Greyhound moved six years ago (first to a temporary location on Charlotte Ave, then to the current location in 2012) because Metro took their previous property by eminent domain to make way for the new convention center.  The current eminent domain proceeding would not require the bus carrier to move their station again, however, because only part of a parking lot would be taken.

The Division Street Extension project is a complete streets extension and renovation to connect the fragmented road network in the Pie Town neighborhood.  The $25 million project includes a bridge over the CSX railroad tracks (where the street previously dead ended) and streetscape improvements including dedicated bike lanes, sidewalks, and accommodation for future public transit.  Bioswales, native vegetation, and lighting are other elements in this project.

The Tennessean gives us the whole story.

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