Lake Palmer to be Drained Again

So-called Lake Palmer has been issued a permit to be drained for the second time.  The massive hole in the ground, near the intersection of West End Ave and Broadway, was originally dug for the West End Summit development.  After multiple false starts and hiccups in obtaining financing, the developer, Alex Palmer, abandoned the project, leaving the hole to fill with rainwater.

The issued permit allows installation of electricity service for a pump.  According to WKRN,

The project is expected to take about three months, but pumping must stop during periods of heavy rain.

The now-notorious lake has garnered quite a bit attention (seeing as it’s been there over a decade), and it has some cheeky reviews on Google, including from Tony McKay:

Don’t let the chain linked fence scare you away, this is a true urban oasis!! Just don’t forget your 100% deet, the mosquitoes can be pesky. I’m hoping the next mayor will consider a greenway linking the lake to the current greenway system.

And David Creed:

Probably my favorite place to sunbathe. Great views of surrounding topography. You can also fish for three eyed catfish while eating hot chicken. Also, it’s incredible for water skiing as the wind never disrupts the surface of the lake as its 100′ below grade.

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