State of Emergency

The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency has declared a level III state of emergency for the entire state in anticipation of tomorrow’s wintry weather:

The second winter weather system of the year is bringing with it threats of freezing rain, sleet, snow and high winds, which may create blizzard-like conditions in some areas.
The possible, critical impacts from this weather system may lead to stranded motorists, power outages, and people needing shelter.

For context, level V is a nice day for a picnic at the park, while level I means you should probably find a bomb shelter.  This level III emergency, in TEMA’s words, means:

…an event or period when a serious emergency has occurred or the situation is deteriorating rapidly, and public warnings are being issued. The Tennessee Emergency Management Plan (TEMP) and the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) are activated at this level in accordance with TCA 58-2-107(b)(2), and this action by law declares a state of emergency. Only key or specifically needed emergency service coordinators are called to duty.

The National Weather Service updates us on the current forecast, which has a warning starting at 6 AM in Nashville but rain switching to snow around 3 PM tomorrow:

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