Covering the media covering Erin Andrews

Steven Hale of Pith in the Wind opines about the media circus surrounding Erin Andrew’s lawsuit against the Vanderbilt Marriott.  As I’ve scrolled through Nashens’ Twitter timeline for the news of the past few days, I’ve had many of the same thoughts as my timeline has been all but taken over by every happening around the courtroom.

Hale writes about the collection of local TV reporters at the courthouse:

A downside, however, is the tendency to report all news — from public corruption to a small garage fire to another media person leaving court for lunch — in the same breathless manner. You need some stock footage of Erin Andrews walking into court to go with tonight’s segment on the trial. Understood. But this seems a bit much. And not just because it’s silly. But because this entire case happens to be about a woman who was stalked and filmed against her will. To be blunt, does this seem a bit creepy to anyone else?

If you are into learning every detail of the goings-on at the Erin Andrews trial, as she sues Marriott for its negligence and lax security that allowed a peeping tom to film her naked in her hotel room, you can follow along with one of the many reporters present at the trial.

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