Vote Early, Vote Once

The presidential primary election is on March 1, and early voting ends today at 8 PM.

Amanda shared this photo of the folks waiting to vote early at the Green Hills library:

Heather didn’t wait quite as late to vote:

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Tennessee One Takes Flight

Southwest Airlines is celebrating 30 years of serving Nashville by unveiling Tennessee One:

Before taking a flight to Memphis, country music stars Chris Young and Cassadee Pope aboard to croon to the passengers, Mayor Barry and other notables christened the freshly-painted plane:

Standing next to the plane at the airport, Rob Wigington, the airport’s boss, said,

It really demonstrates the focus Southwest has on Nashville, in particular, and Tennessee.  That’s been shown by all the new service, the growth that they’ve achieved here, and all of our residents and visitors in Middle Tennessee benefit from that.

Southwest Airlines has long had a love affair with Nashville, apparently.

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“Polar” Plunge

It was a warm Saturday for a Polar Plunge, but Polar Plunge they did anyways.  Perhaps it was a statement on climate change’s effect on the polar regions.

Some folks from the sheriff’s office participated this morning:

The event, which was held in the parking lot of Nissan Stadium, is a fundraiser for the Special Olympics.

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Once again, State Legislature refuses to honor Nashville

A few weeks ago, the State Senate struck down a resolution to honor Renata Soto, a Nashville immigrant rights activist.

Now, Nashville-area State Representative John Ray Clemmons has withdrawn a resolution to honor the Bingham Cup, which is an international gay rugby tournament being held in Nashville this May.

He said that Republican opposition to the resolution prompted him to withdraw it for fear of creating a political firestorm over a simple resolution that was meant to honor a big event happening in his city.

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Nashville’s independent, freeform radio station releases first broadcast schedule

WXNA, a soon-to-broadcast radio station that is funded entirely by listeners (not commercial interests), released their first broadcast schedule today:

It’s not exactly NPR-ish (even though they do have tote bags).  Each DJ has wide reign to choose the music he plays on his program, so expect to hear a diverse set of genres throughout the week.  But there will also be community announcements and partnerships with local educational institutions.

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What corny message do you want to see while driving?

Last month, TDOT put out a call for ideas for their dynamic highway sign boards.  Now that the entries are in and the worst ones (supposedly) weeded out, they’re calling on the public to exercise their democratic right to choose highway messages (that’s in the Constitution, right?).

The messages range from the erstwhile meme:


To the self-deprecating:


To the just-plain-confusing:


Voting is online at the state’s website until March 1.

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Weed Wrangle 2016

Correction: The Weed Wrangle is actually March 5, not February 20.

This Saturday, volunteers will gather at 15 parks and other green spaces across the city to remove invasive weeds from the unique ecosystems.

Invasive species are plants (and other biological groups) that enter a new ecosystem and, having no natural competitors, smother native species.  In the Nashville area, invasive plants include bush honeysuckle, Chinese privet, and kudzu.  Invasive species smother local forests and reduce the productivity of the ecosystems.

Volunteers can sign up for the Weed Wrangle at sites such as the Nashville Zoo, Shelby Bottoms Park, and Fort Negley.

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