Giddyup, East Nashville

It’s a B&B, yes.  But it’s a bit more hip than that label makes it sound.

The edgy design of the recently-opened Urban Cowboy would make one think this Five Points B&B came straight from Brooklyn, NY, which it pretty much did.  This is the second location for owner Lyon Porter, who bought the five-bedroom mansion a few blocks from Five Points last March.  “I’m not opening [in Nashville] because I did the research and demographics, I did it because I want to go there and the people have been so welcoming and warm,” he told the Nashville Business Journal.  “It’s really because it’s a place where we want to go a lot.”

Even though the mansion was five bedrooms, he’s turned it into an 8-room accommodation, many of which have a claw-foot tub just steps from the bed.

Instagrammer nashvillefoodfan recently stayed the night, giving a glowing review:

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