Parnassus’ Pegasus doesn’t have wings, oddly enough

Sure, one could get a new book on her e-reader without even leaving the comfort of her couch.  But Parnassus Books, the legendary Nashville bookseller, is betting that some people will want physical books without the trouble of trekking all the way to Green Hills.

Parnassus is launching its very first bookmobile on Sunday.  The truck is named Pegasus, but it has wheels instead of wings or hooves.  According to Parnassus’ blog,

“The idea for the name ‘Parnassus Books’ originally came from a delightful book called Parnassus on Wheels by Christopher Morley,” says Parnassus co-owner Karen Hayes. The 1917 novella is a romantic comedy centered around a horse-drawn bookselling caravan. “Before we even opened the store I imagined how much fun it would be to have our own ‘Parnassus on Wheels’ one day, too.” Calling the truck Pegasus is a nod to Greek mythology and Mount Parnassus, also an inspiration for the store’s name.

The bookstore on wheels will be on a regular rotation around town, with some extra stops for special events.

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Long lines expected at BNA

Our usually-tame airport is expected to get a little more hairy this week.  The folks running the airport say that they expect several conventions (such as the World of Asphalt, which is just as exciting as it sounds) to be wrapping up this week, especially Wednesday and Thursday.  Security could be a little more comprehensive, too, given the terrorist attacks that already happened on another continent.  All in all, we’re starting to sound like a big-city airport with officials recommending passengers arrive two hours before takeoff.

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Music Row roundabout underwater this morning

A crew installing the lines for Google Fiber created a huge mess in the Music Row roundabout (at the intersection with Demonbreun St) early this morning.

Recently, according to WKRN, a fiber crew was laying its optical communication lines when they nicked the water main running underneath the roundabout.  A patch for the pipe was applied at the time, but it busted again in the wee hours of Sunday.  The street was flooded and closed off.

Public Works crews fixed the leak, patched the brick roadway back up with asphalt, and reopened it by 4:00:

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First Day of Spring? Sure…

Tomorrow’s the first day of spring.  To mark the occasion, Mother Nature is taking this warm weather away and replacing it with a freeze warning.  We’ll get as high as 47° tomorrow, but in the wee hours of Monday morning, it’ll be even colder.

If you set out your spring plants already, cover ’em up Sunday night.  If you put away your winter wardrobe in the past week, pull it back out.  You’re gonna need it a bit longer.

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