Vandy Rape Suspect is Now Guilty

Last night, a jury found former Vanderbilt footballer Cory Batey guilty of aggravated rape and other charges from an incident in 2013.  He will be sentenced in May.

The victim of the incident was frustrated that the jury did not convict him of all of the charges against him.  She wrote in a statement, “I am deeply disappointed with the jury’s verdict… Despite the hard work of the exemplary prosecutors who’ve worked tirelessly on this case, I can only conclude that our system of justice is broken. I deserved better. Victims of sexual assault deserve better. Our community deserves better.”

Meanwhile, Vanderbilt’s Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs wrote, “The jury has spoken. Our first thoughts are with the victim and the incredible strength she has shown, and continues to show, both throughout the investigation and the legal proceedings.”

More defendants involved in the incident, whose cases will be heard separately, are yet to be convicted.

Full coverage is available from WKRN.

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