WXNA to go live this weekend

We’ve just heard that WXNA, Nashville’s new community radio station, will start broadcasting this Saturday at 10:15 AM.

Previously: Nashville’s independent, freeform radio station releases first broadcast schedule

The regular programming begins on Monday, June 6.  Over the inaugural weekend, though, listeners of 101.5 FM will hear commentary from the station’s board of directors as well as a sampling of the station’s “freeform” format.

The entirely volunteer DJ crew will be presenting an eclectic set of musical programs 24/7 from a base in Germantown.

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Back in 1995, before they had color photos…?

Over two decades ago, the MDHA got a certificate for having the oldest Southern hackberry (also known as sugarberry) tree in the city:

Based on my extensive research (Wikipedia) I found out that the tree’s leaves have chemicals that inhibit many other species from germinating.  Rude.  It’s also a popular wood for furniture-making because of its light color.

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Nashville firefighters injured, one in ICU

The Nashville Fire Department reports that three of its own were afflicted on the job yesterday.

One firefighter passed out and fell as he was cleaning up from a fire at the Warren House Apartments.  He was transported to VUMC’s ICU, where the fire chief and his deputy visited him this morning.  They say he’s improving and fully alert.

This is the fire he was cleaning up from:

Early this morning in Madison, meanwhile, one firefighter succumbed to the heat while another had hypertension.  They’re both doing fine now.

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International Playhouses

Julie, an instagrammer at nashvillediary, visited Cheekwood today to check out the current International Playhouses exhibit.  The six playhouses were inspired by the Cheek family’s travels around the world in the early twentieth century.  Countries represented include India, Scotland, Spain, Chile, and Japan (Spain got a twofer).

Jenness Schuhmann got a sneak peak of the exhibit, which officially opened yesterday:

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Tour De Nash in pictures

Yesterday was the 11th Tour De Nash, an annual collection of organized bike rides.  Walk Bike Nashville offered 8-mile, 25-mile, and 45-mile options.

Plenty of people turned out yesterday for the event:

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The Contributor celebrates 200th issue

The Contributor, a newspaper sold by homeless men and women on the streets of Nashville, is celebrating its 200th anniversary.

The weekly newspaper covers homelessness in Nashville as well as topics of general interest.  It has the highest circulation of any street newspaper in North America, at about 60,000 copies each month.

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