Nashville, the TV show, is no more

ABC has cancelled production on the next season of Nashville.  Apparently the ratings have been a rollercoaster, which was not satisfactory enough for them to keep the show going.  Fans weren’t too thrilled about it:

Though some were filled with optimism:

Not everybody was so hot about the $40 million that the city and state poured into keeping the show filmed locally, as WPLN reports.  Mayor Barry wrote that they had offered incentives to the producers for a fifth season, though:

We are incredibly disappointed to hear the news that ABC has not renewed the show ‘Nashville’ for another season. The show has been an enormously successful promotional tool for our city, which is why the State of Tennessee and Metro Nashville were prepared to support production for a fifth season the be filmed here. This is a loss for ABC and for the millions of fans across the world who have grown to love this show. We have enjoyed hosting the cast and crew of the show over the last four years and look forward to future opportunities for film and television production here in Nashville.

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