Oak Hill goes to the polls

The Nashville government put out an advisory that Oak Hill has just started early voting in their municipal election.  The sole polling location is Brentwood Hills Church of Christ, 8 to 4:30 on weekdays (Memorial Day excluded).

In 2014, the election got a little squirrelly after one candidate, Heidi Pflaum, filed a lawsuit.  She’s not running in this election, though, for City Commissioner.

Regular voting will happen on June 7, 7 to 7, at the same location.

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Bike to Work Day will not be in a thunderstorm; it’s been rescheduled

Even though National Bike to Work Day will continue on this Friday, Nashville’s version of the event has been rescheduled to next Tuesday, May 24.  In an email to supporters, Walk Bike Nashville wrote, “While we don’t mind riding our bicycles in the rain, riding in thunderstorms is generally not recommended.”  The event’s group rides will ride in from around town (see the map to join a ride) to converge on downtown’s Public Square at 8 am, where there will be free refreshments.

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BNA to cool itself geothermally

There’s a quarry’s worth of 50° water sitting beside a runway at Nashville International Airport.  So airport officials decided to put that cool water to use by circulating it through the terminal’s HVAC system, then back to the quarry.  The geothermal cooling system is expected to save the airport nearly half a million dollars annually, even though it cost over $10 million to build.

WPLN’s Chas Sisk reported on those plans a year ago.  And just today, his colleague Blake Farmer tweeted that they’re going to switch on that new system tomorrow, just in time for summer temperatures.

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I didn’t know steeples could run

Nashvillians — and plenty of out-of-towners — gathered today to watch horses run around at the Iroquois Steeplechase at Percy Warner Park:

The race is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, but some things never change, such as this program from the 1949 race:

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Nashville, the TV show, is no more

ABC has cancelled production on the next season of Nashville.  Apparently the ratings have been a rollercoaster, which was not satisfactory enough for them to keep the show going.  Fans weren’t too thrilled about it:

Though some were filled with optimism:

Not everybody was so hot about the $40 million that the city and state poured into keeping the show filmed locally, as WPLN reports.  Mayor Barry wrote that they had offered incentives to the producers for a fifth season, though:

We are incredibly disappointed to hear the news that ABC has not renewed the show ‘Nashville’ for another season. The show has been an enormously successful promotional tool for our city, which is why the State of Tennessee and Metro Nashville were prepared to support production for a fifth season the be filmed here. This is a loss for ABC and for the millions of fans across the world who have grown to love this show. We have enjoyed hosting the cast and crew of the show over the last four years and look forward to future opportunities for film and television production here in Nashville.

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MNPS selects new superintendent

The board of Metro Nashville Public Schools has unanimously voted to extend an offer to Shawn Joseph, which he accepted.  Joseph was previously the deputy superintendent at Prince George’s County Public Schools in Maryland; he’ll officially start on July 1.

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The storm comes marching in

Victoria Parker watched that massive rainstorm we had yesterday afternoon roll in from her perch in Gulch Crossing (which is the most expensive commercial real estate in the city).  And she shared a time lapse of that rather impressive weather event:

This weekend, today included, is supposed to be nice weather.  Nashville Severe Weather has the full report, complete with Seinfeld gifs.

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