USPS debuts new stamps on Elliston Place

Elliston Place Soda Shop was chosen as the place to debut a collection of new stamps.  The Soda Fountain Favorites were presented today by the United States Postal Service in a ceremony on the street in front of the old-timey burger and shake joint, opened in 1939:

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BNA builds new cell phone lot

Nashville International Airport has opened a larger parking lot for folks waiting to pick up arriving passengers.  This new cell phone lot has 80 spaces and is a bit further away from the terminal:

The new lot is intended to alleviate the fallout from the closure of the 10-minute waiting area outside the arrivals area, The Tennessean reported last December.  “The 10-minute stalls are a rarity among airports,” Tennessean reporters Natalie Neysa Alund and Anita Wadhwani wrote.  An airport spokeswoman told them that it no longer made sense to keep those 10-minute waiting stalls with the growth of the airport.

The old cell phone lot, which will remain, has 49 spaces.  When that lot opened in 2009, those 49 spots were double the number of spots the previous lot had, The City Paper reported.

The Tennessean had reported in December that the new cell phone lot was supposed to have 108 spaces, as opposed to the 80 spaces that were actually built.

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Billy Graham statue gets strangled

I thought the sight rather odd yesterday as I passed by the corner of Rosa L Parks Blvd and Commerce St: the statue of Billy Graham appeared to be strangled.  A piece of lumber extended from the nearby cross, and it was attached to pieces of bubble wrap and tape keeping a tight grip around his neck.

The bus I was on zoomed on by, too quick for me to snap a photo.  But Colby Sledge got a picture earlier today, as the machinery was there to lift him out of the ground:

Graham’s statue is leaving what was once Lifeway’s Nashville campus.  As Lifeway prepares to construct a new headquarters in Nashville, they’re moving this statue to a Lifeway campus in Asheville, NC.  It had been in that spot for 10 years.

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Vegas, baby!

If Vegas is your thing, BNA is announcing that Frontier Airlines will soon be offering nonstop service between Nashville and Las Vegas:

Of course, Southwest Airlines already offers nonstop service between the two airports.

Earlier: BNA To Get More Flights it Already Has

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When it rains donuts, it pours donuts

Hot on the heels of Federal Donuts announcing that it’ll open up shop in East Nashville, Five Daughters Bakery has announced that it will be opening a new location there, too.

Earlier: East Nashville donut drought to end

Five Daughters’ new location will be in the Walden development on Eastland Avenue.  The shop will occupy the space formerly held by Cumberland Transit East.

If their 12 South store (which opened earlier this year) is any guide for how this one will operate, then the donuts will probably be made at the company’s original location in Franklin and brought over to the East Nashville store daily.

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Strawberry Moon

Nashvillians across the city caught sight of tonight’s strawberry moon, which just so happens to be the first time in decades that a full moon has occurred on the summer solstice:

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More police for Nashville Pride Festival

MNPD Chief Steve Anderson said that his department will “have a quite visible presence” for the Nashville Pride Festival on June 24 and 25:

Sunday’s mass shooting in Orlando shocked all of us and has understandably caused concern among those planning to attend this year’s Nashville Pride Festival.  I have directed Lt. David Leavitt in Special Events to develop a staffing plan with extra-duty officers that clearly demonstrates this police department’s commitment to safety for all festival goers.  Without going into specifics, this department will have a quite visible presence in and around Public Square Park on the 24th and 25th as part of our mission to advance safety, fairness and equality for all.

The Special Events staffing will be in addition to personnel provided each year through a private security company contracted by the organizers of the Nashville Pride Festival.

Owners of LGBT-oriented businesses are also encouraged to report suspicious activity to the police.

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