Cool Springs doctor calls it quits on vaccines

Cool Springs Family Medicine has declared that it’ll no longer be administering vaccines.  Apparently, the head doctor has become an anti-vaxxer.

In a blog post on his website, Daniel Kalb, a man who has both earned a doctoral degree and been given a license to practice medicine, laid out a pretty poorly-written argument for why he won’t be giving vaccines to his patients any more.  It reads, in part:

I’ve had 15 years’ experience in taking care of ASD kids, that’s a lot of vaccine injury stories from moms. Don’t tell me that they are making it up or they are just reaching for an explanation, or that it was a coincidence or that they are just too stressed, or that they are uninformed. All of those arguments are stupid.

The comments on his blog post are overwhelmingly positive, but redditors report that the doctor’s office has been deleting critical comments from the page.

The online backlash was swift.  Redditor mistermoxy sarcastically wrote:

And local sports commentator J.R. Lind summed it up:

The doctor does offer a Botox Happy Hour and something called “colon hydrotherapy,” though.

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