Vanderbilt getting serious about pedestrians

Vanderbilt University Police Department is taking steps to increase pedestrian safety.

There’s a crosswalk on Natchez Trace between a Vanderbilt parking lot and a pathway to the recreation center.  VUPD says that many drivers blow on through the intersection, paying no heed to pedestrians trying to cross the road there.  So they’re installing new lighting and signage (with the help of Metro Public Works) in hopes that that will make motorists follow the law.

If that doesn’t work, however, they say that VUPD officers are out looking for violators of the law that requires motorists to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks.  They’re also working to educate pedestrians about their responsibilities at crosswalks.

They report that they have made other improvements recently too, such as a new traffic light at Blakemore Ave and 23rd Ave S.

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