More police for Nashville Pride Festival

MNPD Chief Steve Anderson said that his department will “have a quite visible presence” for the Nashville Pride Festival on June 24 and 25:

Sunday’s mass shooting in Orlando shocked all of us and has understandably caused concern among those planning to attend this year’s Nashville Pride Festival.  I have directed Lt. David Leavitt in Special Events to develop a staffing plan with extra-duty officers that clearly demonstrates this police department’s commitment to safety for all festival goers.  Without going into specifics, this department will have a quite visible presence in and around Public Square Park on the 24th and 25th as part of our mission to advance safety, fairness and equality for all.

The Special Events staffing will be in addition to personnel provided each year through a private security company contracted by the organizers of the Nashville Pride Festival.

Owners of LGBT-oriented businesses are also encouraged to report suspicious activity to the police.

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