BNA builds new cell phone lot

Nashville International Airport has opened a larger parking lot for folks waiting to pick up arriving passengers.  This new cell phone lot has 80 spaces and is a bit further away from the terminal:

The new lot is intended to alleviate the fallout from the closure of the 10-minute waiting area outside the arrivals area, The Tennessean reported last December.  “The 10-minute stalls are a rarity among airports,” Tennessean reporters Natalie Neysa Alund and Anita Wadhwani wrote.  An airport spokeswoman told them that it no longer made sense to keep those 10-minute waiting stalls with the growth of the airport.

The old cell phone lot, which will remain, has 49 spaces.  When that lot opened in 2009, those 49 spots were double the number of spots the previous lot had, The City Paper reported.

The Tennessean had reported in December that the new cell phone lot was supposed to have 108 spaces, as opposed to the 80 spaces that were actually built.

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