Cheap Swedish furniture could come to Nashville, after all

The Nashville Business Journal writes that Ikea is back looking for a place to put its store in Nashville.  It’s already opening a store in Memphis this fall (“The perfect site emerged in Memphis”, a spokesman said).

The NBJ speculates that it could be as close to downtown as the Nissan Stadium area or as far out as Opry Mills (still not nearly as far from town as that “Boston” Ikea).  Sorry, west Nashvillians, there was no conjecture of an Ikea on your side of town.  An announcement could be soon, but it’s still not clear if it will happen at all.

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Puppet Abe walks the streets

Abe Lincoln was always known to be tall, but he’s looking a little taller in puppet form:

The public library is hosting a puppet parade downtown this morning.  The Nashville International Puppet Festival will continue until tomorrow; most performances require tickets.

But the parade this morning was free, and a little odd:

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Play Ball!

The Nashville Sounds are reporting their second-highest attendance tonight at their game at First Tennessee Park.  Kimberly Novosel was there to witness it:

I went tonight, too (my first trip to First Tennessee Park), but for some reason, I didn’t think to snap a photo.

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Nashville experiences Comcast outage

People across the city were reporting slow or non-existent Comcast service yesterday and today:

On Reddit, pachetoke reported from near the airport,

When I got off work last night it was out at least from 4pm to 7pm. Not at home to check now. I chatted into comcast with my phone to do troubleshooting. I was able to squeeze out a small credit for loss of use, but it took almost an hour.

And fellow redditor flukester88 also had an outage:

Comcast customer here in Berry Hill, and our internet is bad this morning.

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Nashville-area supermarkets stocking the wine section

In anticipation of the July 1 green light on sales of wine in grocery stores (WIGS), an excited Nashvillian noticed the wine was already stocked in the Kroger between Germantown and North Nashville:

Nashville wine

Unfortunately for Kroger, they forgot to run their signs through the copy editing department: they misspelled “peek” as “peak.”

Even though the stores won’t be able to sell the wine till the first day of next month, HB 2586, passed earlier this year, allows them to go ahead and get stocked up on the fermented grape juice.  And yes, Nashville’s lone Trader Joe’s will have their two- three-buck chuck, too, in just a few weeks.

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The Old Gas Station to open in old gas station

A new craft beer bar is set to open in The Nations next month.  The Old Gas Station, as it’s called, will have a fenced-in area underneath the awning which used to cover the gas pumps, and an additional building with “a rustic feel” will offer indoor seating with at least 12 beers on tap (in addition to bottles and cans).  He’s still working on getting some permits relating to health standards, though, which kind of makes sense for a place in a disused gas station.

The Nashville Post has more.

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Brentwood’s thunderhead has something to say

Rob West snapped this photo of a thunderhead in Brentwood this evening:

Don’t know what a thunderhead is?  Neither did I, but Google did: “a rounded, projecting head of a cumulus cloud, which portends a thunderstorm.”  Yeah, that seems about right.

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