MTA to make changes to fall schedule, fails to give details to public until meeting time

The MTA announced in June that there would be public meetings regarding the proposed changes to the fall bus schedules — and then failed to publish those changes until just hours before the first meeting.  And the public (at least a small slice of it) let them know about their dissatisfaction:

Even still, some of the details are still a little murky.

According to the presentation published on the website shortly before the first meeting, the changes will include:

  • Route 4 Shelby
    • Minor afternoon route adjustment to pick up students at Stratford STEM Magnet High School during dismissal time
  • Route 6 Lebanon Pike
    • Minor reduction to Weekday afternoon service – reduce number of trips by one
  • Route 30 McFerrin
    • Minor schedule adjustments to facilitate transfers at Music City Central
  • Route 34 Opry Mills
    • Add bus to Saturday afternoon service to increase frequency and improve service reliability
    • Remove Donelson Station from Saturday routing (now served by Route 6 Lebanon Pike)
    • Adjust downtown routing to use 2nd Ave on local inbound trips (currently uses 5th Ave)
    • Adjust afternoon schedule to better match McGavock High School dismissal times
  • Route 56 Gallatin Pike BRT
    • Add bus to Weekday afternoon rush hour service to improve service reliability
  • RTA Route 94X Clarksville Express
    • Add additional morning and afternoon trip
    • Relocation of current Park and Ride location on I-24 from Exit 8 to Exit 11

In an email, MTA Transit Planner Shontrill Lowe also wrote that the elimination of a trip on route 6 would free up a bus for use on route 56.  These changes are all set to go into effect on September 25.

There will be two more public meeting about the changes on Thursday at 11:30 to 1:00 and 4:30 to 6:00.  The meetings will be held in the MTA’s Community Meeting Room, which is on the second level of Music City Central.

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