Southwest at BNA still kinda (definitely) tied up

This Nashvillian went to Nashville International Airport today to catch his Southwest flight:

Yeah, we aren’t making our flight … from nashville

…and wasn’t too thrilled about his prospects.  Southwest is still recovering from a computer system meltdown on Wednesday that threw its entire operation into a havoc.

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If you already have a flight booked with another airline, however, you’ve probably got smooth sailing (or flying) at BNA:

Even the Nashville Sounds got held up in Phoenix when their Southwest flight was cancelled, which caused tonight’s game in Nashville to be delayed by about an hour.

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BNA crowded with stranded Southwest Airlines customers

Southwest Airlines has been experiencing a nationwide computer system outage today, and Nashville International Airport has not been spared from the mania:

Or as redditor Lawtalker put it:

Can confirm. I’m here now. It’s a s[***] fest. Thankfully I’m boarding AA in 15 minutes.

BNA is a focus city for Southwest Airlines, which accounts for over half of the airport’s flights.

Many of the airline’s computer systems went down this morning.  Although Denver’s KDVR reports that all of the problems were fixed and operations were normal by this evening, the evidence suggests otherwise.  Just an hour ago, Southwest tweeted that their systems weren’t all back up yet (even now, their website is unavailable):

And the delays at the airport are stacking up, according to BNA’s website:


The police aren’t taking this situation lightly, either:

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#DontBlockMyWalk Bill Passes

An ordinance to make sidewalks and bikeways near construction safer for pedestrians and cyclists passed in the Metro Council tonight.  The bill, Ordinance No. BL2016-240, will require contractors to provide appropriate accommodations when their construction blocks a public right-of-way normally used by pedestrians or cyclists.

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Councilmembers Allen and Elrod, who led the charge on the bill, were looking to address such dangerous and inconvenient situations as this:

And this:

This doesn’t mean that all those sidewalks will be immediately unblocked, though.  The ordinance still has to be signed by Mayor Barry (or, at least, not vetoed).  And then, it is the responsibility of Public Works to “adopt rules and standards” to carry out the legislation.  It’s not clear what, if any, enforcement capability Metro will have against non-compliant contractors.

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Who gives a f*** about the Oxford comma? Metro Council, that’s who.

File this one under ICYMI: The Metro Council has gotten down to the nitty gritty of making Nashville a better place to live — by adding the Oxford comma to all council committee names.


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Design session proposes land bridges over I-40 in North Nashville

In addition to the 4 land bridges, revitalization of the neighborhood could include resident-led development on Jefferson St.  Planners also suggested a few roundabouts and wider sidewalks along the neighborhood’s main corridor.  Nashville Public Radio reports.

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