Vote tallies are rolling in, and…

It’s a whooping for charter school advocates vying for spots on Nashville’s school board.

Well, except District 7, where the anti-charter candidate (Will Pinkston) just barely eked out a win with 50.12% of the vote.  That’s compared to his closest challenger and charter school advocate, Jackson Miller, who got 49.14% of votes cast.

In other words, Pinkston beat Miller by just 36 votes.  And that, I tell you, is why your vote matters.

In District 1, Sharon Dixon Gentry won with 55.66% of the vote; District 3’s Jill Speering got 58.14%; District 5’s Christianne Buggs beat her three challengers with 58.25% of votes cast; and Amy Frogge got 63.94% of the vote in District 9.  All of those candidates were against expanding the footprint of charter schools in Davidson County, and each had at least one charter school advocate competing against them.

As of this story, all precincts had reported.  There were more races, of course, including District 1 on the Metro Council.  Nick Leonardo won that race with 57.37% of the vote.  And there were some primaries for state and national offices.  You can find all the results from Nashville on the Metro government’s webpage for election results.

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