Nashville to get new Interstate

I-840 is a new Interstate highway in the Nashville area.  The highway that was state route 840 will be re-signed as I-840 over the next few months, and TDOT expects the work to be done by the end of the year.  They’ve already received federal approval to do so.

I-840 branches off from I-40 near Lebanon and rejoins I-40 near Dickson.  It makes a wide arc through communities to the south of Nashville.  It also crosses I-24 and I-65.

The highway was completed three years ago, but by re-signing the route as an Interstate highway, TDOT is hoping to encourage through traffic to avoid the congested highways in and near downtown Nashville.

Fun fact: Since this Interstate is a bypass (off of I-40), it receives an even-numbered prefix.  Spurs, on the other hand, get an odd-numbered prefix.

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