It’s Restaurant Week

This one almost slipped by me, but today is the beginning of Restaurant Week here in Nashville.  This time around (it happens twice a year), there are 43 independently-owned restaurants participating.

They’ll have special items on the menu or special deals for patrons.  Many of the full meals are $20.16 for one meal (or the same price for two people, depending on the restaurant).  Visit Nashville Originals’ page to see the deals different spots are offering.

I’m hoping to get out and try a range of different restaurants, from the cheap (Elliston Place Soda Shop) to the less cheap (Holland House).

This year’s winter Restaurant Week got snowed out by that big winter storm that shut down the area for a few days.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen this week.  On the plus side, they did extend Restaurant Week by an extra week that time.

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