Nashens is a Nashville blog with news generated by the community.  We’re also into the occasional pun.

What’s with the name? Nashville has been called The Athens of the South because of all the educational institutions in the city and the prominence of the Parthenon replica.  Smoosh those two words together and you get our name: Nashens.

Does Nashens post about anything besides current news stories?  Yes.  We also share photos and reports of what’s going on around us — even the most trivial things — in Nashville.  Check out our content guide for more detail.

So, where do these reports come from, exactly? Nashens collects reports from citizen reporters across the Web.  Nashvillians can share on many different platforms, including their own blogs, Twitter, and Flickr. (For the full list, see our contribution guide.) We also share reports collected from professional news organizations.  And, sometimes, we’ll even crawl out of our little holes and report what’s going on first hand.

Can I contribute? Yes, absolutely!  That’s the whole point of this site: community-generated news.  Check out the contribution guide to find out how you can share your Nashville stories.  The content guide has information about what kinds of stories we publish.  If you’re really bored, you can read through the style guide.

What’s the inspiration for Nashens? Universal Hub in Boston.

Who are you? I thought you’d never ask.  I’m David Posey.  I’m a web developer (by day) here in Nashville.  (And, apparently, I sometimes refer to myself as “we.”  See above.)