Fancy South Carolina cafe/”grocer” to land in Midtown

At a new mixed-use building just across 21st Ave S from Vanderbilt, a new “grocer” has been announced to fill a retail space downstairs:

All of the chain’s current locations are in South Carolina, which offer such items as duck confit panini and creole white fish sushi.  The cafe’s host, Aertson Midtown, is expected to be finished later this year and will include apartments, a hotel, a parking garage, and retail space.

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Free Food Day

The Grilled Cheeserie, Ben & Jerry’s, and Juice Bar are all giving away free food today.

The Grilled Cheeserie gave away sandwiches at the Nashville Farmer’s Market for an hour and a half, but they’re out now:

Other people with lots of time on their hands to stand in line found some free ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s across 21st Ave from Vanderbilt:

And the new Juice Bar location in the Gulch is now open.  A citizen reporter told me (via email) that they’re giving away free juice and food today.  And S Lichen wants to make sure you come in:

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