Fake clown reports get Belmont students all riled up

Last night, reports of a clown on Belmont’s campus were flying around like crazy.  And as it turns out, they were probably faked.

Reports started circulating on social media last night, and then somebody went and Photoshopped a photo to insinuate as much:

The Tennessean reports that Belmont’s police department canvassed the area of campus where the clowns were said to be seen, but found nothing.  And then there were students walking around with golf clubs and bats, who also found nothing.  Belmont said that it’s now looking into what happened, and the university may also hand out some disciplinary action.

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It’s college move-in weekend, so avoid the congestion

A lot of Nashville universities are holding their move-ins this weekend.  And that means, well, general pandemonium:

The move-in schedules of different colleges vary, but the sweet spot is tomorrow.  Belmont students move in August 19 and 20, while most Vanderbilt students can move in August 20.  Upperclassmen at Lipscomb are moving in August 20 and 21 (but freshmen already moved in on August 14).

Other colleges were gracious enough to spread out their move-in events throughout the month.  TSU students moved in August 17 (freshmen) and 18 (other students), Fisk students arrived August 6-7, and Trevecca Nazarene will hold its move-in day on August 26.

Just a search of Twitter reveals a number of students (and parents) getting hyped about the move: Savannah Potts, Taylor Thompson, Sara Pontier, Jimmy Finnerty, Matt Combes, and Higglesworth.


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Better bike lanes coming to Music Row

Walk Bike Nashville is reporting that reconfigured, safer bike lanes will be installed on 16th Ave S, 17 Ave S, and Magnolia Blvd this summer.  The changes will be installed between 21st Ave S and the Music Circle Roundabout.  16th and 17th Avenues S are colloquially known as Music Row.

For most of the route, the bike lanes will be on the left side of the streets, separated from cars by flexible bollards.  On Magnolia Blvd in the southbound direction, however, the schematic drawing appears to indicate that the bike lanes will be between the right curb and parallel parking, but still separated by bollards.

Drawing of new traffic configuration for Music Row. Provided by Walk Bike Nashville.
Drawing of new traffic configuration for Magnolia Blvd. Provided by Walk Bike Nashville.

The bike lanes on Music Row are some of the oldest in the city.  The current right-hand configuration, however, leaves cyclists vulnerable to opening car doors and cars pulling out onto the road from the parallel parking spots.  “We are really excited to see the city trying out innovative and cutting edge bikeway designs and are eager to see how the designs in-person,” Walk Bike Nashville wrote in its blog post.  “We are sure there will be a learning curve–both for bikes and drivers.”

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