Nashvillians turn out for a car-free 12th Ave S

On a warm Sunday afternoon, the citizens took over the street again, reclaiming it from the cars.  The police blocked off a 2.3-mile stretch of 12th Ave S — from 11th Ave S in the Gulch to Kirkwood Ave in 12 South — for Nashvillians to enjoy the street by foot, bicycle, skates, unicycle, pogo stick, and more on October 30.

Community organizations turned out to set up displays and games, such as this giant Jenga:

dsc_0247.jpgAnd this giant map of Nashville, showing where (and how) people had come from to get to the open street:


In 12 South, folks ambled along the street, enjoying the sunshine:

And then there was this guy, who converted his bike into a TIE fighter:


The parade started early in the afternoon at Halycon Bike Shop, and yes, they had pumpkin spice this-and-that:


There was even dancing in the streets, ’cause, hey, no cars:

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Bike on the runway

Imagine you’re sitting in the airport, waiting on your delayed flight.  You’ve been waiting for hours.  You look out at the runway, fresh air, all that pavement.  Wouldn’t it be nice to just hop on your bike and ride, ride, ride down that runway?  Sorry, it’s (probably) against the rules there, but not at Cornelia Fort Airpark, a disused airport in East Nashville’s Shelby Bottoms:

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Bicycle delivery service Music City Rush has closed

Music City Rush, a Nashville bicycle messenger company, has closed up shop.  In a July 27 post on the company’s Facebook page, the founder wrote,

Where do I start? For the past 5 years I’ve launched my entire being in to one thing. I wanted so badly to create a business that provided a good job for like minded individuals. I wanted to provide a service for like minded businesses. I wanted to provide a family for the growing community of bicycles in my city. In many ways, I achieved those things. I achieved those things with the help of so many incredible people that I met along the way. Friendships were made. Relationships were made. And incredible memories were made.
With all of that being said, it’s time for us to all move on. No matter the efforts, willingness or hopefulness of all of the co-owners, we have decided it is best to close the doors to Rush. I am forever indebted to all of the helping hands along the way. No effort has gone unnoticed. Thank you.

Dave Thienel

The company was the only bicycle-only courier service in Nashville.

In a tribute to the company, Greg O’Loughlin wrote about how much Music City Rush meant to so many people:

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It's tough to say goodbye to something you've never really known a word for. RUSH was a community as much as or more than it was a business. It is not too surprising that the business side of things met its demise in a search for a new model of inclusion, cooperation, and collaboration. It's the only way it makes sense, really, riding off the ramp at 100 miles an hour in the search for a way to make it even better for more people. That's tough to land. So tough that few people try. That's an incredibly honorable sword to fall on though the fall is only a tiny part of the story of what RUSH has meant to me and to so many others. Nashville has a stronger bicycling community due to the faith RUSH and Dave has in the potential of each of us. A place that took risks on so many of us to do what we said we could do. A place where anyone could work if you had a bike and were willing to give it a shot, a home for many first leaving their home or for those who just needed a place while they were trying to figure shit out. A light on the ride home where you knew you could catch your breath, clear your head, see your friends, have a beer, share a crazy story or hear a crazier story. That's not going anywhere. Employment hours, training hours, payroll, insurance – that's a burden lifted. Happy hours, movie nights, CX team sponsorship, alley-cats, HQ for all of the fast – that's RUSH. That's us. I wish it didn't have to end but I'm hopeful that the sparks a from this crazy part of the story will serve to shine a light on a new path forward, a path we may only be able to see in the glow of the flames of this incredibly generous fire that's burning where RUSH once stood. Thank you Dave, for taking the risks, for trying new shit, for bringing real #messlife to Nashville, for working so incredibly hard, and for all of the fast. @exoticdave @musiccityrush #allofthefast

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Charlotte Ave is getting two new B-cycle stations

Nashville’s bike sharing program, B-cycle, will launch two new stations on Tuesday.  Both will be on Charlotte Ave.

One, at 46th Ave, will be near the Richland Park Library.  The second will be at 40th Ave, which is right by the new Sylvan Heights Hill Center.

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#DontBlockMyWalk Bill Passes

An ordinance to make sidewalks and bikeways near construction safer for pedestrians and cyclists passed in the Metro Council tonight.  The bill, Ordinance No. BL2016-240, will require contractors to provide appropriate accommodations when their construction blocks a public right-of-way normally used by pedestrians or cyclists.

Earlier: Don’t Block My Walk, Say Councilmembers

Councilmembers Allen and Elrod, who led the charge on the bill, were looking to address such dangerous and inconvenient situations as this:

And this:

This doesn’t mean that all those sidewalks will be immediately unblocked, though.  The ordinance still has to be signed by Mayor Barry (or, at least, not vetoed).  And then, it is the responsibility of Public Works to “adopt rules and standards” to carry out the legislation.  It’s not clear what, if any, enforcement capability Metro will have against non-compliant contractors.

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Tour De Nash in pictures

Yesterday was the 11th Tour De Nash, an annual collection of organized bike rides.  Walk Bike Nashville offered 8-mile, 25-mile, and 45-mile options.

Plenty of people turned out yesterday for the event:

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Bike to Work Day will not be in a thunderstorm; it’s been rescheduled

Even though National Bike to Work Day will continue on this Friday, Nashville’s version of the event has been rescheduled to next Tuesday, May 24.  In an email to supporters, Walk Bike Nashville wrote, “While we don’t mind riding our bicycles in the rain, riding in thunderstorms is generally not recommended.”  The event’s group rides will ride in from around town (see the map to join a ride) to converge on downtown’s Public Square at 8 am, where there will be free refreshments.

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Bicyclist critically injured by hit-and-run driver

At about 4:50 AM today on Old Hickory Blvd in Lakewood, the driver of a light-colored full size pickup truck critically injured a bicyclist, then fled the scene.  The 53-year-old bicyclist, Roman Alvarez of Madison, is in critical condition at Skyline Medical Center.  Alvarez was even doing everything right, and then some: bright orange vest, rear-facing lights, reflectors, helmet, and riding close to the right side of the road (which, with caveats, is part of bicycle law in Tennessee).

Police are seeking the public’s help in finding the truck, which may have body damage, and its hit-and-run driver.

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