The 10-minute spaces at the airport are gone

Nashville International Airport reports that beginning this today, they’re removing the 10-minute parking spots in the arrivals area:

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Nashville BNA Vision

Airport to add Grand Ole Lobby, hotel, train link to city, and more in ambitious expansion plan

Nashville International Airport today released a $1.2 billion plan to expand the airport to keep up with Nashville’s explosive growth.  BNA Vision, as it’s being called, will expand the airport to attract new flights and connect flyers with better ground transportation options, among other things.  The entire plan is not yet set in stone because “precise details of BNA Vision will evolve as individual projects take shape,” the press release states.

To connect the airport to the city, airport officials are already building a new parking garage with 2,000 spaces.  This new garage, which is part of BNA Vision, is expected to be done in about two years.  They also made a vague mention of expanding multi-modal transit “to link BNA to future Nashville transit system.”  The rendering of the plan appears to show a train exiting the airport and heading south on Donelson Pike, away from downtown.  Some redditors speculated that the train will only link the concourse to buses along Murfreesboro Pike:

BNA Vision also calls for expanding the building’s capacity to handle more flights, especially coveted international ones.  They’re already in the process of expanding Concourse A with an international arrival area.  Concourse B will be extended to add more gates and retail/food options.  And Concourse D, which was disused a number of years ago (it was a ground-level terminal for commuter flights before that), will get a major extension.

Part of the expansion includes building a larger central lobby, which they’re calling Grand Ole Lobby.  It’s supposed to have an airy feel with lots of natural light flowing in.  The Grand Ole Lobby will consolidate ticketing, baggage check in, baggage claim, and security lanes.  They’re also planning to more than double the security lanes to 24.

Two more big changes are in the wings.  To make room for all this expansion (and to improve traffic flow), they’d like to move Donelson Pike a little to the east.  This would require the cooperation of the state, though, since it’s a state highway.  And then there’s hope for a 200- to 300-room hotel, though they don’t yet have any partners in that enterprise.

They even made a video for you:

According to airport chief Rob Wigington,

“By 2035, the population of the Greater Nashville Area is expected to surpass 2.5 million people, and Nashville International Airport’s passenger traffic will grow from 12 million today to more than 20 million. We are experiencing this rapid growth firsthand as we set new air passenger records every week, month and year. The projects comprising our BNA Vision are designed to meet the demands of this growth and address everything from international travel, to improved security wait times to more gates, parking and ease of access– all with passenger safety and convenience in mind. We’re excited to share this vision and provide a glimpse of how BNA will transform over the next several years.”

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Southwest at BNA still kinda (definitely) tied up

This Nashvillian went to Nashville International Airport today to catch his Southwest flight:

Yeah, we aren’t making our flight … from nashville

…and wasn’t too thrilled about his prospects.  Southwest is still recovering from a computer system meltdown on Wednesday that threw its entire operation into a havoc.

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If you already have a flight booked with another airline, however, you’ve probably got smooth sailing (or flying) at BNA:

Even the Nashville Sounds got held up in Phoenix when their Southwest flight was cancelled, which caused tonight’s game in Nashville to be delayed by about an hour.

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BNA crowded with stranded Southwest Airlines customers

Southwest Airlines has been experiencing a nationwide computer system outage today, and Nashville International Airport has not been spared from the mania:

Or as redditor Lawtalker put it:

Can confirm. I’m here now. It’s a s[***] fest. Thankfully I’m boarding AA in 15 minutes.

BNA is a focus city for Southwest Airlines, which accounts for over half of the airport’s flights.

Many of the airline’s computer systems went down this morning.  Although Denver’s KDVR reports that all of the problems were fixed and operations were normal by this evening, the evidence suggests otherwise.  Just an hour ago, Southwest tweeted that their systems weren’t all back up yet (even now, their website is unavailable):

And the delays at the airport are stacking up, according to BNA’s website:


The police aren’t taking this situation lightly, either:

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Huge plane touches down at BNA

Redditor sarafina_312 noticed this huge cargo plane at Nashville International Airport today:

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It’s an Antonov 124, one of the largest planes in the world.  Another redditor, Nozombz, confirmed that it’s probably there to pick up airplane parts from Vought Aircraft:

You are correct that they ship wing panels out on it. I used to work at Vought and they did wing panels for the Airbus 380 and would fly them to France. They would just pull in the trailer and ship it all.

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BNA builds new cell phone lot

Nashville International Airport has opened a larger parking lot for folks waiting to pick up arriving passengers.  This new cell phone lot has 80 spaces and is a bit further away from the terminal:

The new lot is intended to alleviate the fallout from the closure of the 10-minute waiting area outside the arrivals area, The Tennessean reported last December.  “The 10-minute stalls are a rarity among airports,” Tennessean reporters Natalie Neysa Alund and Anita Wadhwani wrote.  An airport spokeswoman told them that it no longer made sense to keep those 10-minute waiting stalls with the growth of the airport.

The old cell phone lot, which will remain, has 49 spaces.  When that lot opened in 2009, those 49 spots were double the number of spots the previous lot had, The City Paper reported.

The Tennessean had reported in December that the new cell phone lot was supposed to have 108 spaces, as opposed to the 80 spaces that were actually built.

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Vegas, baby!

If Vegas is your thing, BNA is announcing that Frontier Airlines will soon be offering nonstop service between Nashville and Las Vegas:

Of course, Southwest Airlines already offers nonstop service between the two airports.

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BNA celebrates 79 years

On this day in 1937, Nashville International Airport opened its runways to the growing air-bound public.  Only then, it wasn’t called that; it was named Berry Field Nashville Airport, thus the airport code BNA:

It wasn’t too long before the military requisitioned the airport for air support operations in World War II, however.  They were nice enough to expand the airport during this time, at least, and at the end of the war, they returned it to the city.

The airport was officially renamed to Nashville International Airport/Berry Field in 1988, but you hardly ever see the “Berry Field” part used anymore.

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