Lake Palmer could soon be Tower Palmer

As I rode by Lake Palmer this morning, I wondered if they would ever do anything with that hole in the ground that occupies a whole city block.  Turns out, that project just got a kick in the pants, as the Tennessean is reporting that the developer, Alex Palmer, is seeking financing again.  Apparently he now has new development partners and he plans to put 350 apartments (or condos) and 250 hotel rooms on the site, in addition to offices at the West End Summit.

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Huge crowd of Nashvillians gather for Black Lives Matter protest

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people gathered tonight in Public Square to protest the recent murders of Alton Brown and Philando Castile in other American cities.  The event, which was organized before Thursday night’s killing of five Dallas police officers, continued on to Broadway and ended near the police headquarters in the rain.

Tony Gonzalez of Nashville Public Radio followed along with the protestors.

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Blue Angels Dazzle Nashvillians

Folks whipped out their cameras as the Navy’s Blue Angels whipped over downtown just before 10 this morning:

The planes were on their way to a Smyrna airshow.

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Keith Urban plays free concert

Keith Urban is giving a free concert right now in front of Bridgestone Arena:

If you were planning on driving on Lower Broadway right about now, don’t.

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Nashville to get second Whole Foods store

Whole Foods, the grocery store that’s known for its $6 asparagus water, plans to open up shop in a new development downtown at the intersection of Broadway and I-40.  Or, as Jill Romano puts it:

There’s currently a Mazda dealership there, but Endeavor Real Estate Group plans to put up a 27-story building with a full-sized Whole Foods downstairs.  This will also be the only full-sized grocery store downtown, where there are currently none.

The Nashville Business Journal has the complete picture.

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Fancy South Carolina cafe/”grocer” to land in Midtown

At a new mixed-use building just across 21st Ave S from Vanderbilt, a new “grocer” has been announced to fill a retail space downstairs:

All of the chain’s current locations are in South Carolina, which offer such items as duck confit panini and creole white fish sushi.  The cafe’s host, Aertson Midtown, is expected to be finished later this year and will include apartments, a hotel, a parking garage, and retail space.

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Legislature really hates relieving traffic congestion

Nashville’s Amp bus project died at the ballot box in 2014.  It was also brutally beaten by the state legislature just to make sure it would never be resurrected again: they banned transit projects that use a dedicated center lane.  But even after doing all that to make sure Nashville’s traffic would just get worse and worse, they are still feeling a little vengeful.

In “Amp haunting Nashville from the grave,” Andrea Zelinski of the Nashville Post writes about the legislature’s current efforts to strip funding from the Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, one of the governmental organizations that approved the Amp on its way to a referendum.  That wouldn’t sit too well with the feds, though, who would likely yank some of the transit funding currently given to Tennessee.

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