Three big bills advance tonight in Metro Council meeting

One Touch Make Ready passed the second reading tonight on a 32-7 voice vote.  It’s still up for a third (and final) reading before it heads to the the Mayor’s desk.  The bill, pushed by Google Fiber, would allow new companies move other companies’ data lines out of the way on telephone poles.

The marijuana decriminalization bill also passed its second reading tonight.  The bill would reduce the penalty (at the discretion of the police officer) for getting caught with up to a half ounce of pot (which the police chief said is still a lot of joints for one person) to $50 or 10 hours of community service, down from a misdemeanor.

And finally, the inclusionary zoning bill passed its final vote tonight.  The proposed law would require developers requesting special entitlements to also include a certain number of affordable housing units in their developments.

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Kudzu Could Reign Supreme in Nashville Once More

The Metro Council is looking to eradicate the Vegetation Control Board.  In fairness, the board’s cases are now heard by another body that was formed later: the “Environmental Court was established in part for the purpose of addressing violations of the Metropolitan Code of Laws pertaining to vegetation control, and it maintains exclusive jurisdiction thereof.”

The ordinance to uproot and throw the Vegetation Control Board upon the compost heap passed the first reading on February 2 and is now being mulled over by the Codes, Fair, and Farmer’s Market Committee.

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