Nashville has a new makerspace

Some dedicated Nashvillians have just opened up a new community workshop.  This workshop, or makerspace, is a place where members make physical things.  The building is outfitted with an array of different machines, project lockers, and a few classrooms.  According to Make Nashville’s website,

…after years of planning, fundraising, and the efforts of dozens of volunteers we have opened Nashville’s first all-ages non-profit makerspace!  This over 9,500 square foot facility shared with two nonprofit partners enables us to host workshops, builds, events, and provide members with the space and equipment to create some truly amazing things.  We expect to see inspiring art installations, innovative inventions, incredible feats of science and technology, market-changing entrepreneurial prototypes,  skills-strenthening projects, crazy and fun maker builds, and awesome feats of education in the space.  We hope you will join us.

Tonight, they held a grand opening celebration.  There were a bunch of people there to check it out:

Make Nashville even took us on a Facebook Live video tour of the new space:

The coop-owned space will have tools for a number of different types of projects, including:

  • Electronics benches
  • Metalworking tools
  • Laser cutting and CNC router
  • Sewing and leather working spaces
  • Classroom space
  • Meeting/performance/gathering space
  • Digital dome and projection lab

Even though Make Nashville has been around since 2012, holding annual Mini Maker Faires, this is its first physical location. The makerspace will only be open to dues-paying members (they estimate $50-75 a month) and class participants.  It’s located in East Nashville at 947 Woodland St.

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Across the city today, Nasvillians came together to clean up their neighborhoods:

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Missing Out on School Lunch? Metro Schools Has Your Back

With school in session only one day this week (what, with MLK Day and all this wintry weather), many children who normally only get two meals a day — breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria — are now getting zero meals a day.  Metro Nashville Public Schools is stepping up to the plate, distributing boxes of food to needy families — along with the help of some community partner organizations and generous community members:

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