Nashville’s $58 million price tag on bathroom bill

If the legislature passes the bill that would restrict transgender students to using the bathroom of their birth sex, Mayor Barry says, the city would lose out on $58 million in convention spending.  And that’s not good, considering we just spent a good amount of money for our new convention center.

“This legislation doesn’t reflect Nashville’s values and doesn’t do anything to improve the quality of life for citizens of our city or state,” the mayor wrote.

That’s in addition to the money the state AG says we would lose in federal Title IX funding if the bill becomes law.

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It was nice for a while

In 1986, Nashville’s “new” convention center was the belle of the ball.  And even though it was eclipsed a few years ago by a nearby convention center three times its size (though both were built by MDHA), it’s not all that crummy even now (I attended a conference there just last month, for instance, and it’s in pretty good shape).

David Ewing shared a poster touting the impending opening of the new space in the 80s:

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Long lines expected at BNA

Our usually-tame airport is expected to get a little more hairy this week.  The folks running the airport say that they expect several conventions (such as the World of Asphalt, which is just as exciting as it sounds) to be wrapping up this week, especially Wednesday and Thursday.  Security could be a little more comprehensive, too, given the terrorist attacks that already happened on another continent.  All in all, we’re starting to sound like a big-city airport with officials recommending passengers arrive two hours before takeoff.

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Notorious County Clerk Visits Nashville

Kim Davis, the Kentuckian county clerk who broke the law when she declined to issue marriage certificates to all couples last year, is in town for a conference that has a mouthful of a name.  The evangelical National Religious Broadcasters International Christian Media convention is being held at Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center from Tuesday to Friday.  The event includes a preview of the Museum of the Bible, set to open next year in Washington, DC.

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