Nashvillians offer welcoming embrace to Muslims

Many Nashvillians were heartened to see the welcoming messages to Muslims at the Islamic Center of Nashville:

The sidewalk outside the Islamic Center in 12 South was covered in chalk messages like this.

The Islamic Center is located in 12 South, where people have been drawing and writing encouraging messages on the sidewalk.  “It really made my whole day. It really makes you understand and remember how good our community is down to it’s [sic] core,” Tamanna Qureshi, a member of the center’s board, told The Tennessean.

The words and drawings stretched down the sidewalk:

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Trump in Nashville

Donald Trump’s jet, egotistically emblazoned with his name, made an emergency landing in Nashville this afternoon after engine trouble.  The presidential candidate, who is apparently not in New Hampshire, was on his way to Little Rock.  The airport, for some reason, laid out the welcome mat for the candidate who has not exactly laid out the welcome mat for many immigrants:

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