Despite recent accolades, Porter Road Butcher is contracting

Porter Road Butcher, Nashville’s only whole-animal butcher, is closing its Charlotte Ave location. They’ll still keep their original shop on Gallatin Ave, which they plan to expand starting in January. They’ll also hold on to their slaughtering facility in Kentucky.

The business wrote in a Facebook post,

As some of you may have read already, we are closing our West Side shop at the end of the month. We want to thank all of the amazing customers who have been patrons of the shop over the last three years. We can’t wait to continuing serving you at our East Side location!

In addition to lots of exciting new plans, we’ll be keeping all of the products and services that our customers have grown to love. Edges Nashville will continue to sharpen knives over on the East Side on the first and second Saturday of every month from 10am-3pm!

This news comes despite its recent award of the Writer’s Choice Best Butcher from Nashville Scene. The issue doesn’t seem to be insufficient patronage at the Charlotte Ave location, though.

“Honestly, we’re overwhelmed. We were stretched too thin,” co-founder Chris Carter told The Tennessean.  He also said that he’s had trouble finding top-tier talent to help manage the business, an issue which helped cement their decision to focus on just one retail location.

The butcher has other plans for expansion, though.  It will be doubling the size of its Gallatin Ave store while adding more options in the charcuterie case.

The kitchen at the Charlotte Ave location, which prepared ready-to-eat meals, has already been closed for a few months.  There’s no word yet on when they’ll close the entire store.

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Tomato Art Fest

A good time was had by all, I’m sure.


There was even a giant tomato painted on the street in the center of Five Points.  And yes, it turns out that the tomato is, in fact, the state fruit:

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Tomato Chocolate


You’ll probably see it all this weekend at the Tomato Art Fest in Five Points, as long as it has tomato in it.  For instance, this tomato truffle:


There will be people dressed like tomatoes:


And of course tomato beer:


Oh, and there’s the namesake of the festival, tomato art:

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Giddyup, East Nashville

It’s a B&B, yes.  But it’s a bit more hip than that label makes it sound.

The edgy design of the recently-opened Urban Cowboy would make one think this Five Points B&B came straight from Brooklyn, NY, which it pretty much did.  This is the second location for owner Lyon Porter, who bought the five-bedroom mansion a few blocks from Five Points last March.  “I’m not opening [in Nashville] because I did the research and demographics, I did it because I want to go there and the people have been so welcoming and warm,” he told the Nashville Business Journal.  “It’s really because it’s a place where we want to go a lot.”

Even though the mansion was five bedrooms, he’s turned it into an 8-room accommodation, many of which have a claw-foot tub just steps from the bed.

Instagrammer nashvillefoodfan recently stayed the night, giving a glowing review:

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