Titans Game to screw up Thursday afternoon rush hour traffic

With a Tennessee Titans game scheduled for a 7:25 PM kickoff tomorrow at Nissan Stadium, authorities have decided to seal off some downtown streets and bridges at 4 PM.  The Woodland Street bridge will close at that time to everybody but pedestrians and shuttle buses (and, one presumes, bikes).  MTA buses that normally use that bridge are instead being redirected to the James Robertson Pkwy and Jefferson St bridges.

Additionally, the Korean Veterans bridge will close to car traffic heading into East Nashville as the game nears its end.  There are other MTA routes that will be on detour for (apparently) all day Thursday, but it’s not clear from the city’s press release what other streets will be closed.

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Blue Angels jet crashes in Smyrna

Around 3 this afternoon, a Blue Angels pilot crashed just after takeoff in Smyrna.  Navy Captian Jeff Kuss had just started a practice flight when he went down.  He died in the crash.

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The Blue Angels team was preparing for the Great Tennessee Air Show this weekend, to be held in Smyrna.  Mark King captured a video of the tragic event, as presented by ABC News:

In a statement, Nashville Mayor Barry expressed condolences:

I’m shocked and saddened to learn of the death of a Navy Blue Angel pilot who crashed just a few miles outside of Nashville, and just hours after the Blue Angels flew over downtown Nashville.  The Blue Angels have served to inspire and instill national pride in men, women, and children throughout our country. I have ordered the Metro Courthouse and Korean Veterans Memorial Bridge to be lit yellow and blue tomorrow night in honor of the life an service of this brave pilot.

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