Fire department does all the unusual animal rescues today

The Nashville Fire Department got called out to a aid a few hapless pets today.

First, there was #ElectionDayParrot:

Then, wanting a little attention for himself, #DrainPipeKitty tumbled three stories down a gutter drain pipe and got stuck there.  But an alert neighbor heard the cat and summoned her local firemen to dig the cat out:

The unlucky cat’s name is Thomas Jefferson, which is a perfect segue into the Election Day conclusion to this story:

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The calm after the storm

J.R. Lind made a bold assumption about tonight’s storm, showing us NES’ power outage map:

The unpleasant weather brought rain, damaging winds, lightning, and snide remarks:

The NFD chimed in with some damage reports from the storm:

And citizen reporters shared a few photos of what they saw around town:

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Train derailment causes a little too much excitement

Unlike some more serious derailments of passenger trains or train cars with hazardous materials, CSX had a minor incident in Nashville today.  An empty boxcar tipped over on tracks near 100 Oaks Mall.  No injuries or fatalities have been reported, and NFD even called off all its firemen from responding.

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Female Cal Pic

Not to be outdone, Nashville firewomen create their own calendar

The women of the Nashville Fire Department want the world to know that they, too, can move some calendars.  The men of the NFD have done a (predictably shirtless) charity calendar for a few years now, and their female colleagues have decided it’s their time to shine.

Though the calendar has gotten a lot of praise, it is not without its controversy.

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