Driver of fancy rental car kills somebody on Nolensville Pike

The driver of a Lamborghini rented from a specialty rental car company has crashed with another vehicle and killed a person on Nolensville Pike.  Authorities have not released further details about the accident yet.  They do advise, however, to seek a different route:

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New BRT Lite service on Nolensville Pike

MTA will start a BRT Lite route along Nolensville Pike starting on March 27.  BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Lite has fewer stops than normal local service.

This will replace route 12, which has previously served the Nolensville Pike corridor, including the Wallace and Grassmere Loops.  The new BRT Lite service, route 52, will stick to Nolensville Pike, keeping the Wallace Loop (with an extra spur to Ezell).  It will also add a branch to Hickory Plaza, but it will drop the diversion to Grassmere (which will instead be served by route 72).

A number of other minor changes to some local routes will also go into effect on March 27.

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Pizza delivery driver involved in fatal hit and run

A pizza delivery driver hit a pedestrian in the dark on Nolensville Pike Saturday night, and shortly thereafter left the scene of the accident.  The pedestrian, Stephen Moseley, died that night at the hospital.

The driver, Jay Jackson, reported to police that he felt an impact on his van, got out to find a man sitting up and surrounded by bystanders, then left the scene.  Police caught up with him later at his workplace.

Police investigators are still trying to determine the fault of the accident, as Moseley had been drinking, was crossing away from a crosswalk, and was wearing dark clothing on a dark rainy night.  Although it is the responsibility of the driver to make every reasonable effort to stop for pedestrians, police believe that because of the conditions, Jackson may not have seen Moseley.


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