Cold Air; Slippery Roads

The air temperature will dip to 15° overnight.  Some drivers are reporting slick road surfaces out there (though arteries seem to be better):

A number of schools will remain closed tomorrow, including Davidson county.

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Pepperoni Rolls for Nashville Rescue Mission

The East Nashvillian brought our attention to a story that happened as most of us were holed up next to a cozy fire (existence of fireplace permitting) or frolicking in the snow the other week:

An approving nod is due the folks at Five Points Pizza, though, who took Friday’s work-prohibiting weather as encouragement to bake 125 pounds of dough’s worth of bread and pepperoni rolls and make catering-sized salads to deliver to the Nashville Rescue Mission. (Although the restaurant was closed to diners, many employees walked over to chip in with the prepping and cooking.)

Head on over for more East Nashville news.

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Nashville Sorta Kinda Getting Back to Normal Tomorrow

The Nashville MTA will resume all bus routes (on modified snow routes) on Monday, after running only five shortened bus routes for the past three days.  The RTA, meanwhile, was never phased by this cold wet stuff:

Metro Schools will remain closed.  Nashville Severe Weather, which has a synopsis of last week’s storm, issues a reminder to all drivers who venture out on the clear-ish roads:

Speaking of clear-ish roads, there may be some refreezing tonight, but the real melting begins tomorrow when the temperatures are supposed to get in the 40’s.

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Strange Creatures in the Snow

It seems that the snow can bring the strange creatures out of the woodwork, much like Boston’s Yeti:

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