That storm last night

Around 5:00 yesterday, a big storm rolled in.  And it rolled in quickly, unleashed its fury upon us, then left:

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Storms hit West Nashville this evening

In East Nashville, all we got was the rumble of thunder.  Meanwhile, in West Nashville:

Jacques Woodstock heard a raucous in Sylvan Park, likely due to the lightning strike at Sylvan Park Paideia School:

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Brentwood’s thunderhead has something to say

Rob West snapped this photo of a thunderhead in Brentwood this evening:

Don’t know what a thunderhead is?  Neither did I, but Google did: “a rounded, projecting head of a cumulus cloud, which portends a thunderstorm.”  Yeah, that seems about right.

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The calm after the storm

J.R. Lind made a bold assumption about tonight’s storm, showing us NES’ power outage map:

The unpleasant weather brought rain, damaging winds, lightning, and snide remarks:

The NFD chimed in with some damage reports from the storm:

And citizen reporters shared a few photos of what they saw around town:

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