Tomato Art Fest

A good time was had by all, I’m sure.


There was even a giant tomato painted on the street in the center of Five Points.  And yes, it turns out that the tomato is, in fact, the state fruit:

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Tomato Chocolate


You’ll probably see it all this weekend at the Tomato Art Fest in Five Points, as long as it has tomato in it.  For instance, this tomato truffle:


There will be people dressed like tomatoes:


And of course tomato beer:


Oh, and there’s the namesake of the festival, tomato art:

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Check out a plant from the library

So, we already knew about the seed exchange going on at the library.  You borrow seeds from one of many Nashville Public Library branches participating in the program, plant the seeds, then save some seeds to return back to the library at the end of the season.  Easy peasy.

But now, one of the beneficiaries of that program went a step further and brought in some seedlings grown from those seeds — and just in time, too, because it’s about time to put those nightshades in the ground:

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