The old state prison, from the air, from the inside

The Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC) put out a new video showing some infrequently-seen angles of the Tennessee State Prison.  Located just north of The Nations, this prison operated from 1898 (it was overcrowded from the very day that it opened) to 1992, when a settlement in federal court prohibited TDOC from ever using the facility as a prison again.  It was replaced by the nearby Riverbend Maximum Security Institution.

The video was made “due to the abundance of interest in this property,” TDOC wrote in the video’s description.  “This film was done … in partnership with Those Drones, LLC to share the beautiful architecture with the citizens of Tennessee.”  The video, which is about 17 minutes long, doesn’t get to the inside until about the 7-minute mark.

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The storm comes marching in

Victoria Parker watched that massive rainstorm we had yesterday afternoon roll in from her perch in Gulch Crossing (which is the most expensive commercial real estate in the city).  And she shared a time lapse of that rather impressive weather event:

This weekend, today included, is supposed to be nice weather.  Nashville Severe Weather has the full report, complete with Seinfeld gifs.

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