That storm last night

Around 5:00 yesterday, a big storm rolled in.  And it rolled in quickly, unleashed its fury upon us, then left:

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Storms hit West Nashville this evening

In East Nashville, all we got was the rumble of thunder.  Meanwhile, in West Nashville:

Jacques Woodstock heard a raucous in Sylvan Park, likely due to the lightning strike at Sylvan Park Paideia School:

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Brentwood’s thunderhead has something to say

Rob West snapped this photo of a thunderhead in Brentwood this evening:

Don’t know what a thunderhead is?  Neither did I, but Google did: “a rounded, projecting head of a cumulus cloud, which portends a thunderstorm.”  Yeah, that seems about right.

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Hot, hot, hot at the CMAs

It’s hot out there, and only getting hotter for folks at the CMA Fest (and the rest of us too).  The folks at Vanderbilt University Medical Center want to make sure CMA fans don’t get heatstroke, so they’re handing out frozen towels in front of (what appears to be) a jet engine.  WKRN reporter Paige Hill enjoyed both this afternoon:

Nashville Severe Weather reports that temperatures will get to at least the mid-90s on Saturday (drink lots of water, they say, and seek shade — and don’t forget the sunscreen).  There’s also an ozone warning in effect for approximately the next 24 hours, so the weather folks recommend keeping outdoor exercise to a minimum tomorrow.

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The storm comes marching in

Victoria Parker watched that massive rainstorm we had yesterday afternoon roll in from her perch in Gulch Crossing (which is the most expensive commercial real estate in the city).  And she shared a time lapse of that rather impressive weather event:

This weekend, today included, is supposed to be nice weather.  Nashville Severe Weather has the full report, complete with Seinfeld gifs.

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