She was here, now she isn’t

Hillary Clinton just had to get a coffee in Hillsboro Village before she went onstage a few miles away:

At Meharry Medical College, she stumped for herself ahead of the primary on Tuesday:

Clinton may have been smart to “plug being a Methodist,” considering the number of Methodist churches and agencies in the city — and the fact that she was at a Methodist-founded school.  Today’s speech, though, was aimed squarely at Republicans, not focusing too much on her opponent for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders.

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Covering the media covering Erin Andrews

Steven Hale of Pith in the Wind opines about the media circus surrounding Erin Andrew’s lawsuit against the Vanderbilt Marriott.  As I’ve scrolled through Nashens’ Twitter timeline for the news of the past few days, I’ve had many of the same thoughts as my timeline has been all but taken over by every happening around the courtroom.

Hale writes about the collection of local TV reporters at the courthouse:

A downside, however, is the tendency to report all news — from public corruption to a small garage fire to another media person leaving court for lunch — in the same breathless manner. You need some stock footage of Erin Andrews walking into court to go with tonight’s segment on the trial. Understood. But this seems a bit much. And not just because it’s silly. But because this entire case happens to be about a woman who was stalked and filmed against her will. To be blunt, does this seem a bit creepy to anyone else?

If you are into learning every detail of the goings-on at the Erin Andrews trial, as she sues Marriott for its negligence and lax security that allowed a peeping tom to film her naked in her hotel room, you can follow along with one of the many reporters present at the trial.

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Walmart of wine coming to town

A new-to-Tennessee chain of big box liquor stores is coming to West Nashville.  Total Wines & More, a Maryland-based retailer whose stores usually have about 8,000 wines, as well as beers and liquors, also plans to open in Cool Springs as well as other Tennessee cities.

The chain had previously avoided opening in the state because of laws placing a cap on the number of licenses liquor stores could carry.  The new law, which takes effect in June, lifts that cap and the ban on wine sales in grocery stores.

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Notorious County Clerk Visits Nashville

Kim Davis, the Kentuckian county clerk who broke the law when she declined to issue marriage certificates to all couples last year, is in town for a conference that has a mouthful of a name.  The evangelical National Religious Broadcasters International Christian Media convention is being held at Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center from Tuesday to Friday.  The event includes a preview of the Museum of the Bible, set to open next year in Washington, DC.

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