Two men go on Walgreens robbing spree

Last night and this morning, two men with a white sedan robbed two Walgreens stores and attempted to rob a third.

At the first Walgreens, around 9:50 last night, one of the robbers told a clerk he had a gun but didn’t show it.  The clerk called his bluff and the would-be robbers left empty-handed.  At the next two (one later last night and the other this morning), the pair was successful in persuading the clerks to give them cash (and cigarettes).

See MNPD’s press release for more details, including a surveillance photo.  They’re seeking the public’s help in identifying the suspects.

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Cop Stalk

MNPD Officer Jonathan Perez has been charged with stalking a coworker.  He’d previously been romantically involved with that coworker, but after they’d parted ways, he kept contacting her — even though she’d asked him repeatedly to stop. Even Perez’s supervisor told him to quit the stalking.

Perez, who’s been with MNPD for 5 years, is now on desk duty and was arrested this morning.  The police department is conducting its own internal investigation as well.

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The controversial quarry near Old Hickory Dam

For months, residents of Old Hickory have been fighting a quarry set to go into operation in their backyard.  Of greater concern to them, though, is the fact that it’s so close to a 60-year-old dam, Old Hickory Dam.

Today, at a public meeting, leaders on both sides are “politely” sparring over the issue.  WPLN’s Tony Gonzalez is there, speaking of the Army Corps of Engineers’ Richard Kaiser and US Representative Jim Cooper:

The US Army Corps of Engineers claims that the quarry would have no impact on the structure of the dam.

Other objections to the dam include environmental (endangered bald eagle nesting nearby), the nearby beach, added stress on the roads trucks would take to and from the quarry, and impacts to neighbors of the dam.  The Nashville Scene provided a good background to this issue last year.

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Music City a little short on music (and other arts) funding

According to a report from Fox 17, Nashville spends less than half the money per citizen on arts funding than do similar cities like Austin and Portland.

Nashville Opera, which receives some of that public arts funding, has to make do.  “We operate on a razor thin margin so anytime we don’t have money in one place we have to find it somewhere else in order to make it happen,” Executive Director Noah Spiegel told Fox 17.

Meanwhile, the Metro Arts Commission is asking for the public’s input on how to allocate their relatively small pot of money.  Nashvillians can fill out a survey with their opinions about public art in the city.

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Giddyup, East Nashville

It’s a B&B, yes.  But it’s a bit more hip than that label makes it sound.

The edgy design of the recently-opened Urban Cowboy would make one think this Five Points B&B came straight from Brooklyn, NY, which it pretty much did.  This is the second location for owner Lyon Porter, who bought the five-bedroom mansion a few blocks from Five Points last March.  “I’m not opening [in Nashville] because I did the research and demographics, I did it because I want to go there and the people have been so welcoming and warm,” he told the Nashville Business Journal.  “It’s really because it’s a place where we want to go a lot.”

Even though the mansion was five bedrooms, he’s turned it into an 8-room accommodation, many of which have a claw-foot tub just steps from the bed.

Instagrammer nashvillefoodfan recently stayed the night, giving a glowing review:

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