The marathon that rocked, then rolled

This morning, runners gathered to exert themselves over 26.2 miles for the Rock & Roll Marathon:

Or 13.1 miles:

Or 0 miles:

And they ran pretty quickly, as it was all over by noon:

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Fancy South Carolina cafe/”grocer” to land in Midtown

At a new mixed-use building just across 21st Ave S from Vanderbilt, a new “grocer” has been announced to fill a retail space downstairs:

All of the chain’s current locations are in South Carolina, which offer such items as duck confit panini and creole white fish sushi.  The cafe’s host, Aertson Midtown, is expected to be finished later this year and will include apartments, a hotel, a parking garage, and retail space.

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Comcast bumps up data cap in Nashville

On the heels of yesterday’s Google Fiber rollout, today Comcast announced that it will bump up the Internet data cap from 300 GB to 1 TB (1000 GB) for its Nashville customers.  (This is also happening for all the other cities where Comcast instituted the data cap.)

Google Fiber’s service does not currently have a data cap.

The change won’t affect many customers, Comcast says, as most customers use around 60 GB per month.  Nashvillian Eric Snyder uses a little more than normal, it seems, so he’s pretty happy about the change:

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Predictable: Counseling group may nix Nashville conference over discriminatory law

The American Counseling Association is considering moving its April 2017 conference to another city outside of Tennessee over the legislation Governor Haslam signed into law yesterday.  The law allows counselors and therapists to discriminate against LGBT people based on personal beliefs.

The association said, “IMPORTANT: In light of recent legislative actions in Tennessee, ACA is currently weighting options regarding the location of the 2017 Conference & Expo. More information coming soon.”

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Google Fiber is a go

With Google Fiber, we went from being in the dark (get it? optical communications?) about its status to a live network in a flash (see what I did there?).  Today, the company suddenly announced that it’s brought at least four apartment or condo buildings in the vicinity of Music Row online, and residents of those buildings can now sign up for service and schedule an installation.  Residents of certain other apartment or condo buildings can see if their building is slated for the go-live soon.

And they’ve announced prices as well: $50 monthly for 100 Mbps, or $70 each month for the heralded 1 Gbps speeds.  They also offer a TV package and a home phone add-on.

For Nashvillians who just can’t wait to give really fast Internet a try, Google’s set up a trial space in The Gulch:

But those in other apartment buildings, single family homes, and businesses will just have to sit on their hands and wait patiently for the tight-lipped company to let them know when the service will be available to them.  A hint: if you see crews burying a cable in your neighborhood, you might just be getting fiber service soon.



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Police seeking 16-year-old for Music City Central shooting

MNPD has named a suspect in Monday’s shooting of four teenagers at the central bus station, and they’re seeking the public’s help in locating him:

Javious Chatman, the most critically-injured victim, has been upgraded to stable condition at Vanderbilt Medical Center.

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