MTA keeps its promise to fix bus station bathroom

Two months ago, Music City Riders United (MCRU) posted a photo of the men’s bathroom at Music City Central, the downtown bus station.  The photo equated the vandalized restroom to the bathrooms at the old state prison, showing the missing stalls in both bathrooms.  The transit riders’ advocacy group’s photo caught the attention of MTA board members and a few local media outlets, and the MTA promised swift action.

Within a few weeks, Lamont Walters noticed that the MTA was putting up some temporary stalls in the men’s restroom:

Today, I went by and saw that the transit agency had completed its work, installing permanent stalls, hand soap dispensers, and new hot air hand dryers:

Men's bathroom at Music City Central

MCRU also reports that the MTA has promised cleaner bathrooms for both women and men.

One thought on “MTA keeps its promise to fix bus station bathroom

  1. A great achievement on the Men’s Restroom at MCC bus station downtown. We were cleaner and safer, while on maneuvers in the Marines, than that sewer pit. Now, if the Powers that Be, would turn their attention to the Dunkin Donuts ” State of the Art 😉 ” venue. WOTH… No chairs !!!
    One by one they have disappeared. Now we have to stand at the wall tables, which incidentally have Electric Fans sitting on them. It’s a real challenge trying to eat and drink standing there. Most of the females that attempt it, end up looking like Donald Trump on a Bad Hair Day.. With their hair standing on end with the blast from the fans. If Dunkins is too cheap to provide chairs, I’m sure another vendor would be glad to take the place over…

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