Mechanical keyboard enthusiasts gather to tap to their hearts’ content

If you get keyed up over the thought of computer keyboards, last night would’ve been a good one for you.  Folks from across the Southeast came to the Bistro at Emma to feel the perfect springiness of each others’ mechanical keyboards.  They were there to enjoy the tactile, visual, and audio feedback from the keyboards displayed by their fellow enthusiasts.

Nathan Hubbard, a local Nashvillian, took some photos of the event:

He says he’s partial to his 30-year-old keyboard, though, which he bought for just a dollar in the nineties.

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An evening at Bells Bend

Last night, I headed northwest to check out Bells Bend Park, a Metro park in a secluded area along the Cumberland. It took me about half an hour to get there from midtown after work. I still managed to get in a quick hike along the park’s flat terrain.

The park, established in 2007, has a few miles of wide, grassy trails. I chose the 2.3 mile Loop Trail; it turned out to be just the right length to finish by sunset.


The park also has an education and information building (open limited hours) and a camping area for youth groups and Metro-sponsored events. There’s also plenty of wildlife (I missed the picture of the white-tailed deer bounding off the trail, I’m afraid).

All in all, it was a nice park, even if it’s a bit out of the way.

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That storm last night

Around 5:00 yesterday, a big storm rolled in.  And it rolled in quickly, unleashed its fury upon us, then left:

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