New I-440 greenway

We’ve already got a new 1.5 mile greenway going in along I-440 between West End Ave and Charlotte Ave.  Construction on that either began last year or will begin later this year, depending on which Tennessean article you believe.  The city already owns all of the land for that project.

But now they’re going for the silver by trying to extend that all the way to I-65.  The Parks Department recently applied for $30 million from a federal Tiger VIII grant.  And did we mention that it will be an elevated greenway?  It will snake in and out of the sound barriers, but The Tennessean reports that they’re not sure which side of the highway the greenway will be on.

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Symphonic Sounds in the Parks

The Nashville Symphony Orchestra has been out on the town this summer.  Tonight, they were at Crockett Park in Brentwood:

Earlier this weekend, they played at Centennial Park and Ascend Amphitheater.  They’ve got more coming up this summer in Nashville and farther afield.  Most of these concerts in the park are free.

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Bike valet at Centennial

Freddie O’Connell admired the bike valet offered at the Nashville Earth Day Festival yesterday. Walk Bike Nashville, which ran the free service, reported that over 100 cyclists took advantage of the bike valets.

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Donut Sandwich at Earth Day Festival

Update: I assumed the Earth Day Festival was on Earth Day. In fact, it was Saturday.

Yes, today is Earth Day.  Be good to Mother Nature and all.  But the real star of today’s Earth Day Festival at Centennial Park is Julia’s Bakery‘s donut sandwich:

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Nashvillians say nice things about trees

Today at Centennial Park, important people are celebrating the existence of trees for Arbor Day.

Such as Mayor Barry:

And this kid:

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Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 8.50.47 AM

Nashville Tells Voters Wrong Polling Place

I arrived at my supposed polling place this morning (after the polls opened) only to find it locked:


I recently moved to my new address, and I had used the Nashville Metro Government’s Polling Place Finder to find out where to vote.

Unfortunately, the location it gave me was wrong.

As seen in the map above, I was directed to the Centennial Art Center in the northeast corner of this large park.  It took me half an hour to find the correct place to vote, the Centennial Park Art Activity Center, which is near the opposite corner of the park (and I was walking).

Even more perplexing was that the Polling Place Finder gave me the address for the entire park, when the building clearly has its own address:

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 8.43.23 AM

(In the map above, I used a random address within my precinct.)

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Centennial Park to Host Art Show for Black History Month

Starting with a reception on February 5, the Centennial Art Center’s gallery will host a show of 14 local black artists.  The site is the location of the Centennial Park pool that closed among the strife of the 1960s:

In 1961, a group of approximately 20 black teens decided to take a swim in the city’s ‘big pool with the concession stand’ at Centennial Park.  According to The Tennessean, by late July the pool closed.  Historian Leland R. Johnson wrote in his book, The Parks of Nashville, “The lack of funding was the official explanation for the closing… However, civil rights demonstrations were in progress at the time, and it is the opinion of some that Mayor Ben West and the Park Board ordered the pools closed to avoid the sort of disturbances that had occurred in other cities when swimming pools were integrated.”

The gallery, which is located in the northeast corner of Centennial Park, is only open during normal work hours 4 days a week.

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