Nashville interstates a little gummed up today

Today, as people travel home from this weekend’s dual music festivals — CMA Fest in downtown Nashville and Bonnaroo in Manchester — travel on the interstates around here is a little slow.  Bonnaroo wrapped up its last concert at 3 AM this morning, and folks have to vacate the campground by 11 AM (which also makes for very sleepy drivers):

Meanwhile, CMA Fest ended with a bang at 11:30 last night with its last concert at Nissan Stadium.

Just to add insult to injury, a tractor trailer flipped this morning on I-40 near its merge with I-24, east of the city.  Officials are completely closing down both directions of I-40 from 9 AM till at least 2 PM for a hazmat cleanup — there’s fiberglass, resin, and fuel on and near the roadway.

And folks are not happy about it, to give just a few examples:

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Nashville, the TV show, has been resurrected

The fifth season of Nashville (the TV show) will move from ABC to cable channel CMT, it was announced last night:

Earlier: Nashville, the TV show, is no more

While The Tennessean is reporting that the full cast will return for this next season, Nashville Business Journal says that there were rumors flying around that some of the lead actors would be absent in a fifth season of Nashville.

The deal was helped along by incentives given to the producers by the local and state governments.  Metro will fork over $1 million, if the Metro Council approves it, while the state has promised $8.5 million.  They justify these expenditures by citing the jobs and other economic boost given by keeping the show filmed in Nashville.

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CMAs set off fireworks after midnight; Nasvillians think that’s not right

Nashville’s residents took to Twitter this morning to complain about the post-midnight fireworks from Nissan Stadium. The fireworks awoke people from 12 South to Greenwood, at least:

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Funny structures go up for the CMA Fest

First, they floated in a barge as a stage, and I did not speak out:

Then, they rolled a giant boot onto our streets, and still I said nothing:

Finally, they put up a barn in the middle of our city, and it was too late to speak out:

(My apologies to Martin Niemöller.)

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Hot, hot, hot at the CMAs

It’s hot out there, and only getting hotter for folks at the CMA Fest (and the rest of us too).  The folks at Vanderbilt University Medical Center want to make sure CMA fans don’t get heatstroke, so they’re handing out frozen towels in front of (what appears to be) a jet engine.  WKRN reporter Paige Hill enjoyed both this afternoon:

Nashville Severe Weather reports that temperatures will get to at least the mid-90s on Saturday (drink lots of water, they say, and seek shade — and don’t forget the sunscreen).  There’s also an ozone warning in effect for approximately the next 24 hours, so the weather folks recommend keeping outdoor exercise to a minimum tomorrow.

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