Police search in East Nashville

Something’s going on, but we’re not quite sure what, in East Nashville.  Just a little while ago, lunapetunia reported what she saw from the corner of Gallatin Rd and Eastland Ave:

What’s going on in East Nashville? from nashville

Mahale and Sydnee concurred:

I just stepped outside to see that there was a helicopter circling over Maxwell Heights and Greenwood, shining a spotlight down on the ground.


Ariana Maia Sawyer, of The Tennessean, reported that the search is over, though Blair Hickman isn’t so sure:

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Why did the chicken restaurant cross the road?

It’s a new restaurant, actually: The Birdhouse surprised Nashville diners by opening a few days early.  They were supposed to serve their first Korean-Southern fusion fried chicken to patrons on Friday, but they threw the henhouse doors open today for lunch.

As Eater Nashville reports:

Designed as a take out joint with patio seating, The Birdhouse will provide a creative take on traditional Korean Fried Chicken, as well as a number of other street-food inspired dishes.

Most importantly, the Chefs realize the necessary responsibility of moving away from factory farms and offering only chicken that is all natural and humanely raised.

Located at the corner of McFerrin and Cleveland in East Nashville, this new restaurant is at the same intersection as popular restaurants Mas Tacos, Holland House, and The Pharmacy.

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