Titans Game to screw up Thursday afternoon rush hour traffic

With a Tennessee Titans game scheduled for a 7:25 PM kickoff tomorrow at Nissan Stadium, authorities have decided to seal off some downtown streets and bridges at 4 PM.  The Woodland Street bridge will close at that time to everybody but pedestrians and shuttle buses (and, one presumes, bikes).  MTA buses that normally use that bridge are instead being redirected to the James Robertson Pkwy and Jefferson St bridges.

Additionally, the Korean Veterans bridge will close to car traffic heading into East Nashville as the game nears its end.  There are other MTA routes that will be on detour for (apparently) all day Thursday, but it’s not clear from the city’s press release what other streets will be closed.

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Up to 30 vehicles involved in rainy crash on I-24

Between 20 and 30 vehicles (depending on the source) were involved in a multiple crashes around the same time today.  The crashes all happened on the westbound side of I-24 near Harding Pl.

All of the lanes were closed for a time.  The crash scenes were all cleared around 5 PM.

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It’s college move-in weekend, so avoid the congestion

A lot of Nashville universities are holding their move-ins this weekend.  And that means, well, general pandemonium:

The move-in schedules of different colleges vary, but the sweet spot is tomorrow.  Belmont students move in August 19 and 20, while most Vanderbilt students can move in August 20.  Upperclassmen at Lipscomb are moving in August 20 and 21 (but freshmen already moved in on August 14).

Other colleges were gracious enough to spread out their move-in events throughout the month.  TSU students moved in August 17 (freshmen) and 18 (other students), Fisk students arrived August 6-7, and Trevecca Nazarene will hold its move-in day on August 26.

Just a search of Twitter reveals a number of students (and parents) getting hyped about the move: Savannah Potts, Taylor Thompson, Sara Pontier, Jimmy Finnerty, Matt Combes, and Higglesworth.


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Nashville traffic a hot mess, putting people’s tempers to the test

Today Metro Schools started back, clogging up the streets, especially around schools:

And to make matters worse, there was a fatal crash on I-40 this morning. The single-vehicle crash, which gave the driver fatal injuries, reduced the inbound side to a single lane near White Bridge Pike for the morning rush hour.  Traffic is backed up at least 8 miles.

And what backs up cars also backs up the buses.  My own bus got delayed in traffic around an elementary school this morning.  Another bus driver said that many buses are running behind schedule because of the school traffic and I-40 accident.

Drivers are none too happy about the delays:

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Southwest at BNA still kinda (definitely) tied up

This Nashvillian went to Nashville International Airport today to catch his Southwest flight:

Yeah, we aren’t making our flight … from nashville

…and wasn’t too thrilled about his prospects.  Southwest is still recovering from a computer system meltdown on Wednesday that threw its entire operation into a havoc.

Earlier: BNA crowded with stranded Southwest Airlines customers

If you already have a flight booked with another airline, however, you’ve probably got smooth sailing (or flying) at BNA:

Even the Nashville Sounds got held up in Phoenix when their Southwest flight was cancelled, which caused tonight’s game in Nashville to be delayed by about an hour.

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Nashville interstates a little gummed up today

Today, as people travel home from this weekend’s dual music festivals — CMA Fest in downtown Nashville and Bonnaroo in Manchester — travel on the interstates around here is a little slow.  Bonnaroo wrapped up its last concert at 3 AM this morning, and folks have to vacate the campground by 11 AM (which also makes for very sleepy drivers):

Meanwhile, CMA Fest ended with a bang at 11:30 last night with its last concert at Nissan Stadium.

Just to add insult to injury, a tractor trailer flipped this morning on I-40 near its merge with I-24, east of the city.  Officials are completely closing down both directions of I-40 from 9 AM till at least 2 PM for a hazmat cleanup — there’s fiberglass, resin, and fuel on and near the roadway.

And folks are not happy about it, to give just a few examples:

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Sinkhole closes part of Korean Veterans Boulevard

Update: The city’s press release says that only one lane is closed in the eastbound direction.  It also says it’s at the KVB intersection with 4th Ave N.  Take that with a grain of salt, as this is clearly 4th Ave S and the sinkhole is on the westbound side.  They expect a temporary patch by 5 PM.

Public Works is reporting that a sinkhole opened up on the 4th Ave S crosswalk across Korean Veterans Blvd.  The whole westbound side of KVB is closed until they figure out how to plug that hole in the ground.

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